Thursday, November 5, 2009

Co-operative sports day

“Let the games begin” shouted Mrs Wood into the breeze of the cold wind. Kids were shouting the yelling with joy as they walked to their first activity. Already you could see teamwork everywhere with the seniors leading and helping out the juniors. You could see this was going to be a fabulous day!
The cheering, laughing and support of all team-mates went through all the activities. All sorts of different skills were being used. Long jump, 4 square, egg and spoon race – with small potatoes, three legged race, obstacle course and rob the nest were some of the many activities we did.
By the end of the day everyone was very tired as we walked into the hall to hear the final results. We were all dying to hear the results when the teacher handed us all our participation certificates. The Mrs Wood told us the winners were… team 1. Everyone was happy as they cheered them on. It was the end of a wonderful day.

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