Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Otago Champs

The freezing cold air rushed over our faces.
Everybody was squished in the seats trying to keep warm.
The speaker blabbed on as the day
Finally started for us.
Sprints, long jump, relays, high jump
Last of all 800 metres.
The under 12 girls were up first for relays. We came second in the first heat.
We got into the semi finals. In the semi finals we came 4th but sadly, we didn’t get in to the finals. We were happy at where we got though because we had been versing people older then us. The day pressed on with more and events were being called. Finally the day ended. But not for some people because we still had to do the 800 metres.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Co-operative sports day

“Let the games begin” shouted Mrs Wood into the breeze of the cold wind. Kids were shouting the yelling with joy as they walked to their first activity. Already you could see teamwork everywhere with the seniors leading and helping out the juniors. You could see this was going to be a fabulous day!
The cheering, laughing and support of all team-mates went through all the activities. All sorts of different skills were being used. Long jump, 4 square, egg and spoon race – with small potatoes, three legged race, obstacle course and rob the nest were some of the many activities we did.
By the end of the day everyone was very tired as we walked into the hall to hear the final results. We were all dying to hear the results when the teacher handed us all our participation certificates. The Mrs Wood told us the winners were… team 1. Everyone was happy as they cheered them on. It was the end of a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There I was, waiting on the sideline then all of a sudden over the intercom ‘all under 12 75m sprints to the field’ as I was walking to the field I caught up with the other sprinters Daniel R B, Daniel, Taine. I was up next along with Daniel, ‘ ready set’ BANG!!!! I sprinted as fast as I could when I past the finish line I felt great and I found out I came 1st . i walked back to my seat,an hour later it was time for my under 12 200m relay my team was up Taine,Daniel R B, Daniel and myself. So there I was ‘hi Rawiri’ says Mitchell from the stands.any way so there I was ‘Rawiri over here’ (sigh) so there I was ‘ are you death or what’ ‘would you be quite’Anyway there I was waiting for Taine to come. I heard the clapper, then Daniel R B sprinted to Taine once Taine got the stick coming sprinting around the corner I got ready, my hand out ready. He started coming closer so I started running running… then SPRINTING, zooming through the track the I past it to Daniel and we WON, 2nd !!!!!!!!! we made it though to the semi-finals we came 2nd ,finals we came 4th and Otago Champs.

The End

South Zone Sprints

“Hurry up” I cried to my mum “I told you last night I’ve got to be there by 8:25” “yeah yeah I know ok” yelled my mum. Woops I just realised that I’ve still got 20 minutes to spare “sorry mum” I mumbled” with a snigger. I like to make her rush its fun when she rushes.

Ok were here got though all the instructions but were on the bus now about ten minutes later were finally here “what a rush” Now my next event is at 10:15 sprints. “Now could all under 11 boys in 75 meter sprints please report to the sub station immediately thankyou” “well wish me luck”.

Bang were off my feet are squelched on the damp grass but my legs are going as fast as they can like pistons on a speeding cars but my speed up against all the others wasn’t fast enough and across the line fifth place if only it was third next is long jump and relays but that’s another story.

The end