Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tsunami Appeal

Today at St Clair School we are supported the Samoa Tsunami by wearing our pyjamas for a gold coin donation. The School Council drew a wave and wrote Samoa onto the court and we filled it up with our coins in a trail. It totalled $372.40. Why did we wear pyjamas? Because the tsunami happened in the morning and one of our teachers caught up in it had to run to the hills in her pyjamas. The money raised will be taken to the Red Cross.

St Clair School Middles and Seniors Disco

Ever since I held the disco ticket in my hands I’ve been excited. I’ve been picturing it in my head for ages. Now yes right now it was time. The dull music suddenly became louder the door was now ajar. Wow… flashing lights, balloons and snacks to buy.
Kaite and I couldn’t wait, we headed straight to the coloured popcorn. Hands full and wanting to dance we stored our goodies under the green chairs. Too soon it was time to leave. Lots of tall adults appeared at the back of the hall, mum included. I sighed and the bright light invaded my eyes as I left.


Current Events Quiz 2009

Yesterday the 21st of October the St Clair 2 team came first in the annual Otago Daily Times EXTRA! Current events quiz. There were 53 teams of three and the team consisting of Braeden, Jake and Luke with 96 points. We each won and ODT pen, a $20 Paper Plus voucher, a gold medal and a certificate. It turns out that all the hard work really paid off, I can’t wait for next year!!!

The hustle and bustle, the scraping of chairs and the loud sound of talking children is what you would expect from over 150 kids in one room for two hours. But there were some quiet moments too. These moments were brought on when we were thinking or the top ten teams were being announced. So overall when your name is called for second place you feel on top of the world. And congratulating your teammates Max and Kea you truly know that you have represented your school in the best way possible. But as well as having the privilege of being in second place you get a $15.00 Paper Plus™ voucher a pen and a certificate. Then when you look at your photo in the paper the next day all the fantastic memories come flooding back.

I was there we were frustrated, a room of madness thinking madness. At the fifth round we were annoyed because we kept messing up. We aimed for in the top ten and we achieved that goal and got better then we expected we almost got in the top three all we needed was two points to get 3rd but in the end we got 4th .

Well done to Braeden, Luke, Jake, Casey, Kea, Max, Josh, Toby and William.

Monday, October 19, 2009



Today Mrs Faithful received the 8GB I POD NANO that she won at the Conference in Christchurch in the last week of the holidays. Mrs Faithful is over the moon with HAPPINESS & JOY. An I POD NANO can use the Radio, Games, Music, Take Photos, A voice recorder and a video camera. And a special thanks to Edtech and Steve Ford.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Southzone Athletics

Today Friday the 16th some of the fastest and fittest children from the under tens to the under twelves will be running and jumping all over the school.
The children will be competing in several events including long jump, high jump, relays, sprints and maybe even hurdles.
For high jump the qualifying height for girls is1 metre and for the boys 1.10 metres and for long jump the qualifying length is 3 metres or more for both boys and girls.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Otago Champs

Six of our senior students were very lucky to get into Otago Cross Country Champs
Julia ,Jazmin, Jorjia, Riley, Tinnelle, Matt,Taine and Daniel.
The year six girls got very good placings this year with Julia first place Jorjia third and Jazmin fith place. Riley got a credible 29th with Tinelle in front in 20th position. Taine, after a fall, came thirty second with Daniel in front of him at twenty seventh,
Julia Jorjia Jazmin got awards two of the girls got medals and we nearly won the Otago cup.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's new

New Things Are Happening At St Clair
Things are changing at St Clair!
While we were all relaxing in holiday mode people were hard at work in the school grounds working on a new classroom.
So as well as getting a whole new bunch of juniors to our school another change was in stock for the teachers.
The staffroom they know and love was going to the juniors and they had to move to the lovely tech room which is of course now their staffroom.
So thank you to all the builders that helped this change and a big welcome to all the new juniors in the school who will arrive here in a few days.
Another change is that we have some new playground equipment.
The bridge has been made flat so it is easier to run across when playing games in the playground.
Another big difference is that in the spot where the tyre mountain used to be is now a bigger hut than the ones built last holidays.
Little wooden poles in the ground give it easy access to all the other playground equipment.
So next time your at St Clair feel free to come in and check out all the new things that have changed.

Reporter Casey and Isaac