Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Education

On Monday room 8 and room 17 went to the beach ED. The lifeguards put on a video for keeping our selves safe at the beach. The man told you what rips and currents look like. He told us 10 RULES like don’t swim when tired or cold, never swim alone, swim between the flags, and listen to the lifeguard’s advice as they know about the surf.
About three minutes after that we had morning tea and a play at the St Clair Park.
After 10 minutes we went back inside and we learnt about slip, slop, slap, wrap, slurp, slide then it was lunch time and it was the same as morning tea.
But after lunch we were able to look at the rips and safe places to swim before warming up and going into the water. Our fun swim was soon over and we were heading back to school.
Written by Tyrae and George

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